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ready to use

Below are projects we actively maintain and use in production.

  • DropSource

    A Dropbox Media Source for MODX Revolution 2.2+

    How much does FTP suck? Who cares - now you can upload files to your website using dropbox.

  • MODX Mirror

    Synchronise MODX elements with the file system.

    If you love github and you work in teams, you'll love this. Keep everything on the filesystem in sync with MODX elements, and continue coding in your favourite IDE.

  • Node Cookbook

    Get your Node.js server up and running in seconds

    This node cookbook allows you to create Node servers as named services on Linux servers in seconds. It allows makes NPM package management painless.

in need of a good fork

We need help getting the projects below up to scratch. Any feedback is welcome!

  • Node-Backplane

    Open your website up to backplane enabled widgets

    A node.js implementation of the backplane protocol that will allow independent javascript widgets to securely communicate with your backend servers.

  • Node-Echo

    Take your website real time with a Node implementation of Echo

    A full Echo Stream Server API implementation that allows you to easily push and pull information into and out of Echos real-time database.